• Next Presbytery Gathering
    May 2, 2017
    Camp Spalding

    The docket will be posted around April 18.


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    Pastor/CRE & Spouse Retreat 

    April 30-May 2, 2017 

    Clearwater Lodge at Camp Spalding

  • Emmaus 160

    Emmaus was an encounter with Christ. The borders of our Presbytery stretch roughly 160 miles across, east to west. Emmaus 160 is a new way to share our stories of encounters with Christ and other “strangers” within our borders. What story do you have to tell us?

    Send us a video via our Presbytery of the Inland Northwest Facebook page – just 160 seconds – and we’ll dress it up and share it across the Presbytery!


    Check out our Emmaus 160 YouTube channel, where you can see videos others have shared.  


  • Office of Church Engagement at Whitworth University

    One of the primary goals of the Office of Church Engagement at Whitworth University is to train and equip laypersons for ministry.  Several programs are offered that help equip laypersons to become more involved in the life and ministry of their church and the greater community their church serves.


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  • Camp Spalding/Clearwater Lodge

    Registration 2017 Summer Camps is now open! For information on registering for summer camps and/or events at Clearwater Lodge, please visit their website by clicking on the following link.

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The Leadership Team has adopted the following Adaptive Challenge: "How do we act as Presbytery in ways that will support/empower congregations to partner with and support each other as they follow God’s leading in our context(s)?"