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Missional Initiative Grants

Missional Initiative Grant Application


Here’s how mission money was spent throughout the Presbytery in 2016:

Camp Spalding

 In 1957 the Presbytery of the Inland Empire purchased land on Davis Lake and the ministry of Camp Spalding was begun!  Each summer hundreds of kids experience classic summer camp fun and are nurtured in the Christian faith.  The presbytery has financially supported the camp every year and hope to continue to do so with your generous mission giving to the presbytery.  Awarded:  $20,000.

St Maries:  Small Church Residency Program

Launched by the Presbyterian Mission Agency in fall 2009, the Small Church Residency Program was designed to renew and grow small churches and help them to become healthy, missional congregations. The program pairs small, underserved congregations in rural, small town, and urban settings with recent seminary graduates in a two-year pastoral-residency relationship, during which they are supported and guided by a cluster of pastor-mentors.   Our support enabled the 2nd year of participation for St. Maries and their new pastor, Rev. Janet Potter.  Awarded:  $3,000.

Pullman Presbyterian Church:  Go Fish!

The missional initiative is to birth a new outreach and discipleship ministry called Go Fish! Ministries targeting the children and youth of Pullman, Whitman County, and the Nation by using the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program ( to equip young people to: 1. Encounter and Grow in Christ’s Love 2. Save Salmon 3. Earn Money 4. Develop Life Skills 5. Foster a Love for and stewardship of Creation.  Awarded:  $5,000.

 Minds/Hearts Preaching & Teaching Cohort

 Pastors are invited into a year-long process of: Renewing our spirits – “Rekindling my love for the lover of my soul”, Relating in our communities – Pastor cohorts and congregations, and finally, Refining our craft- “Mind and Heart” preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  Pastors and CREs will be attending Whitworth Institute and then gathering each month as a cohort.   (We had 22 pastors/CREs involved in a cohort!)  Awarded:  $4300.

Bethany:  NEXT Church Conference

We sent Nate Brantingham to the NEXT Church gathering in Atlanta Georgia for a conference in line with the focus of Future Church.  The conference was about equipping members for mission. Nate shared his learnings with the vision team and later the presbytery through an open space.  Additionally he connected with other Presbyterian churches nationally who are experimenting with new ways of being church.  Awarded:  $250

Bovill:  Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Bovill, ID. is a small, aging community with a significant number of people living below the poverty line.  The Community Presbyterian Church is the only Christian presence in Bovill.  The grant funded 2 missional initiatives:  Neighbors helping neighbors, and a School Supply Project.   From the grant, “Neighbors helping neighbors is all about engagement with the community.  The funds supplied the materials and we provided the cooperative labor (in repairing homes.) We share property with the Elementary School and thus we see the families come and go each day. It’s apparent that they are struggling to make ends meet.  The community of Bovill has come to see our church as a refuge during times of trouble and a help to those less fortunate than ourselves. It is important to both the church and the community that we continue to answer this call.”  Awarded:  $2200

Nez Perce Joint Session: Elder Training

From the grant, “Realizing that our leadership is older, we need to provide training for our members who have potential and who merit an opportunity for positions of leadership. It can best be done through trainers and with some of our present Elders being mentors to aspirants for office. The whole purpose of our request is to utilize resources provided by the national church and through trainers familiar with the unique situations in our Nez Perce Churches and community. We will use a booklet and materials and rely on experiences and dedication of past ruling Elders.  Awarded:  $2000

Opportunity Pres:  After School Program

The missional initiative started a community supported after school program and mentoring in partnership with North Pines Middle School.  The request first came to our congregation from school administrators and community leaders after we expressed interest in supporting middle school students in our neighborhood.  North Pines Middle School is just a few blocks down the street from OPC, and after school students are often walking home through our parking lot.  On occasion, we have even opened the gym for kids to play basketball. There has been a long standing desire to increase our abilities to serve some of these students with the love of Christ.  Awarded:  $5000

Manito:   Peacemaking Speaker

Veronica Muchiri serves as the organizer and secretary of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) National Women’s Guild, an organization of approximately 120,000 members in the East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Guild works to empower women and girls, strengthen families, develop mentors and coaches, strengthen women’s health programs, address environmental concerns and engage women as agents of peace, healing and reconciliation.  Awarded:  $450

Shadle Park:  Growing Neighbors

Growing Neighbors is about partnering with God and local organizations in growing relationships and produce with our local neighbors to encourage healthier lifestyles. The primary goal is developing “Neighborhood Families.” We want to see neighbors sharing meals and resources and caring for each others’ needs and generally functioning more like an extended family.  The primary means to accomplishing these goals is training youth to lead an urban farming movement in our local neighborhoods Awarded:  $5,000

Millwood:  STAR Club & Kitchen Ministry

These programs are an extension of the work that we have already begun and investments that have been made in facilities with hopes for these kinds of programs. Our practice has been to launch experiments and pilot programs, to discern the movement of God’s Spirit in those experiences, and to adapt future plans accordingly. These programs are the result of working through that cycle dozens of times over the past 10 years. The results are that we have seen our outreach to children and youth grow in impact. This last year we reached over 500 children and youth through our various ministries. The addition of the kitchen will help us further expand the impact. Since we started our monthly food distributions with Second Harvest we have given out over 1 million pounds of food. Along with providing nutritious food we hope to provide training and equipping to those folks through the Kitchen Ministry.  Awarded:  $5,000