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Volunteer Opportunities

Look to this page for volunteer opportunities within the Presbytery. If you know of an opportunity and would like to see it listed here, email Katie at the Presbytery Office with the details. [email protected]

Help those affected by spring flooding

Volunteers and  hosts to house volunteers are needed to help families in Spokane area affected by this spring’s flooding.  Now that waters have finally gone down,  our friends the United Methodists are sending flood- experienced Emergency Response Teams from across the region (ERT)  to help with muck-out, gut-out and critical mold mitigation in the northern and western Spokane County area. They will need housing and other support for their response teams as well as some strong backs and a pick-up or two to haul furniture and debris.

The volunteers they will send in will be coming for seven day (3 on, one off, 3 on), three day or weekend deployment time frames. Their teams are part of United Methodist Volunteers in Mission which are a national VOAD partner of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. One of their specialties is identifying mold, tearing out walls and floors and sanitizing to prevent spread.  This will be part of a large, longer term recovery effort to help people in our area with catastrophic uninsured flood damage. Their workers could deploy within the next week or so.

If individuals in your church could provide either moving or housing assistance, please email PINW retired teaching elder, Mike Bullard at [email protected] with what you have to offer, when you are available, and your contact information within the next few days.