Board of Trustees

Our trustees oversee financial and legal issues related to the presbytery. Please contact the Board of Trustees if you have any questions pertaining to your property, insurance or financial reviews.

Pastor John Williams, Chairperson (360) 751-9701 / [email protected]

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) members are often the “face” of the Presbytery. They support the ministry and vitality of our congregations.

COM members assist congregations in times of pastoral transition, call processes, and conflict resolution. This group of servants works to help pastors through personal crisis, financial need and Board of Pension questions.  They also offer periodic boundary training.

Church Liaison List: Liaison Assignments 2020

Rev. Marcia Taylor, Chairperson (509) 475-1754 / [email protected]

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team coordinates the work of the Presbytery.

Pastor Janet Potter, Chairperson (815) 226-8783 / [email protected] 

RE Celeste Brown (Moscow), Presbytery Moderator (208) 892-3356 / [email protected]

Nominating Committee

This Committee nominates all officers of presbytery, members including chairpersons of committees and teams, and commissioners and youth advisory delegates to Synod and General Assembly.

Pastor John Sowers, Chairperson (509) 951-5074 / [email protected] 

Commission for Preparation on Ministry (CPM)

This Commission for Preparation on Ministry (CPM) oversees the process by which individuals prepare to be ordained as teaching elders or to be certified as Certified Christian Educators and enroll inquirers. CPM also oversees the process by which individuals prepare themselves for service as commissioned ruling elders (CREs).

Counselors that the CPM uses for Psychological examinations are:

  1. Providence Psychology Clinic (Kevin Heid, Ph.D.)
  2. Dr. Duane Green with Spokane Psychiatry and Psychology

Teaching Elder Matt Bell, Chairperson (509) 768-2642 / [email protected]

Strategic Team

This team plans the Presbytery gatherings, focuses on strategic mission partnerships among congregations and designates Missional Initiative Grants.

Chadron Hazelbaker, Chairperson  (509) 389-0506 / [email protected]

Vision Team

This team promotes the generative work of the Presbytery.

Teaching Elder Dave Webster, Chairperson (865) 850-9643 / [email protected]