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COVID-19 and Congregations

March 25, 2020

Now, both WA and ID have issued Stay at Home orders. As I understand it this means that we need to livestream from home rather than from our sanctuary. As always though, the decision resides with the session. 

  • Washington’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order: Click THIS LINK and read page 4, 2nd paragraph, #2   
  • Idaho’s Stay at Home Order

My friends, we are beyond “social distancing in groups under 10”. In our theology worship is not restricted to the sanctuary and we are all called to care for the most vulnerable. I’m so encouraged by the creative ways you have found to offer worship opportunities for your people and beyond. I’m also grateful for the many food distribution ministries which are “essential” and must be continued to feed the community.  
We have closed the presbytery physical office which means that no one is going to the office. Katie McKinstry checks the voicemail 2/day (M-R) and the mail is forwarded to her home. Kurt is working to get all of the bills set up for online bill receiving and payment. I encourage you to follow the Stay Home order as well and fully close your church offices.

We are in the midst of a huge shift in our understanding of our culture and the Church. As you continue to manage the present, my hope is that you will also wrestle with the questions “how do you see your church as part of your community?” and “what does it mean to be the Church without a building?”

May you trust in the God who offers us a “future with hope.” (Jer. 29:11)

Blessings, Sheryl

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