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COVID-19 Resources for Churches

Ideas on How to Love Our Neighbors

During this time we love our neighbors by practicing social distancing and good hygiene, but there are other opportunities to care for those inside our congregation and especially in our neighborhoods. If you have a new idea about how to care for the people beyond your congregation but need funding, please apply for this grant: GRANT APPLICATION

This is a list of different ideas and experiments in loving our neighbors:

  • Westminster Food Bank’s volunteers are primarily over the age of 80 – they need younger (healthy) volunteers to help with food distribution.  Any healthy high schooler or adult under 60 can volunteer by calling 406-241-2170. They are open (and need volunteers) Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30AM to 1:45PM.
  • Donate to local nonprofits serving the vulnerable and those significantly economically impacted (2nd Harvest, Big Table, World Relief, Family Promise, etc.).
  • Encourage congregation members to check on vulnerable neighbors and offer to do shopping for them.
  • Encourage the congregation to consider donating part or all of their government stimulus checks (if they do not need the check themselves) to those in need – either family, friends or neighbors directly, or to trusted local nonprofits serving the most vulnerable.
  • Use online games for youth ministry zooms and encourage students to invite friends to join the games.

Worship and Spiritual Resources

Churches in the Presbytery that offer live-steamed (Facebook Live or Zoom) or recorded (Vimeo or YouTube) worship services:

If your church is offering worship online, and we missed it – let us know and we will add so everyone can share ideas.