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Missional Initiative Grants

Here is how YOUR mission money supported ministry throughout the Inland NW in 2017.

Bovill Community Presbyterian Church: School Supply Project
Community Presbyterian Church in Bovill, ID shares their property with the local school, and many of the school families struggle to buy the expensive supplies their kids need each year. A significant number of people living in the community live below the poverty line. Purchasing these supplies for school families allows the congregation to show the community the love of Christ through practical action instead of words. Grant amount awarded: $1,200

Shadle Park Presbyterian Church: Ministry House
The Ministry House initiative was requested to help Shadle obtain a second ministry house in order for them to have one for male interns and one for female interns in their neighborhood. Shadle has many young leaders dedicated to serving people, and offering a ministry house to not only the male leaders, but female leaders as well is something they hope to do through help from this funding. Grant amount awarded: $5,000

Youth Task Force: Leadership Retreat
The Youth Task Force has held successful fall youth retreats at Camp Spalding for over 5 years, with increasing attendance each year. This initiative paid for the leaders to come together at Camp Spalding for a 24-hour retreat, which included training sessions and time for connection.  Grant amount awarded: $5,000

Post Falls Community Presbyterian Church: Youth Intern
Community Presbyterian Church in Post Falls, ID felt they needed a way to reach the young adults, teens, and children in their community, and brought in an intern experienced in working with youth to help them. Grant amount awarded: $1,000

Pullman Presbyterian Church:  Go Fish!
This missional initiative is continue a successful outreach and discipleship ministry called Go Fish! Ministries targeting the children and youth of Pullman, Whitman County, and the Nation by using the Northern Pikeminnow Sport-Reward Program ( to equip young people to: 1. Encounter and Grow in Christ’s Love 2. Save Salmon 3. Earn Money 4. Develop Life Skills 5. Foster a Love for and stewardship of Creation.  Grand amount awarded:  $5,000

Camp Spalding
In 1957 the Presbytery of the Inland Empire purchased land on Davis Lake and the ministry of Camp Spalding was begun!  Each summer hundreds of kids experience classic summer camp fun and are nurtured in the Christian faith.  The presbytery has financially supported the camp every year and hope to continue to do so with your generous mission giving to the presbytery.  Grant amount awarded:  $20,000

Millwood Community Presbyterian Church: Kitchen Ministry
Millwood Community Presbyterian Church launched the Millwood Kitchen Ministry with an initial grant from the Presbyterian Hunger program and the Presbytery. Over the past year they’ve hired a staff person, held over a dozen class sessions in the Kitchen, and have developed a successful program design, including registration, curriculum, and data gathering. This initiative will help shape our formal partnership as the first “Satellite Kitchen” of Second Harvest, and to help Second Harvest share the vision of a network of satellite kitchens, with an emphasis on Presbyterian churches in the Inland Northwest Presbytery. Grant amount awarded: $3,000

Opportunity Presbyterian Church: Community Ministries and Connections
This initiative will fund Community Ministries and Connections, a way to connect OPC’s outreach and service of children, youth and families in their community to church family. OPC has had success in various outreach programs, and funds from this initiative will help bridge the work done through outreach to their congregation. Grant amount awarded: $5,000

Grace Community Church in Potlatch, ID: Pastor Sabbatical
Larry Veith has served as Pastor in Potlatch for almost 14 years. The church council discerned a need for a sabbatical. They feel the vitality of the pastoral leadership is connected to the health of congregation, and a sabbatical will be helpful for the more effective equipping of the saints to engage the community and together to discern God’s vision for them. The initiative funds will help with a sabbatical for the pastor, whether to provide for leadership during the absence of the pastor or for resources for travel and study during the sabbatical. Grant amount awarded: $7,000

Oakesdale Community Presbyterian Church: Growing and Nurturing their Youth Group
The school in Oakesdale provides space for a Youth Group run by the Oakesdale Community Presbyterian Church. This group has grown and flourished. The funds from this initiative will be used toward paying for operating expenses for the growing group, assisting with Camp Spalding scholarships and paying for out of town activities. Grant amount awarded: $3,000

First Presbyterian Church of Clarkston: MOPS Program
The Clarkston area has various bible studies available for women, but nothing that supports mothers in their work with children. This initiative will start a MOPS program that will do just that. It will engage the community by working with mothers and their vital ministry with their children. Grant amount awarded: $1,500

Westminster Food Pantry
Westminster Food Pantry, an outreach bank operating out of Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Central Spokane, principally serves the food insecure in this impoverished area. Grant amount awarded: $2,000

Missional Initiative Grants 2016