Pulpit Supply List

Pulpit Supply/Moderator Honorarium Guidelines

  • Pulpit Supply Honorarium: $150/single service, $200/two or more services (on the same day), plus IRS rate for mileage
  • Session Moderator’s Honorarium: $100 plus IRS rate for mileage

In order to be included on the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest’s pulpit supply list, you must be a Teaching Elder or CRE (past or present), someone certified ready to receive a commission (CRE track) or someone certified ready to receive a call (Minister of Word and Sacrament track).  If these requirements are not met, the interested party must provide the presbytery with a letter of recommendation from their church session, along with a statement of faith. The Credentialing Team, a sub committee of the Commission on Ministry (COM), will review these items and make a recommendation to COM.

Ministers of Word and Sacrament available for pulpit supply

Becky Anderson                 (307) 272-8922
Dick Avery                           (509) 325-2365 
Mike Bullard                       (208) 659-2491
Forrest Buckner                 (509) 720-9847  
Doug Counsell                    (206) 854-5668  
Wayne Deibel                     (509) 981-6047
Kevin Finch                         (509) 999-7429
Nancy Goodwin                  (509) 280-3091 
Dan Grether                        (509) 951-1308 
Katie Haney                        (509) 840-3456 
Cathy Harrison                  (509) 464-0479 
Scott Kinder-Pyle              (509) 999-4434
Grant MacLean                  (208) 772-9866 
John Owen                          (619) 254-7036 
Mindy Smith                       (509) 847-5177
Pamela Starbuck                (509) 590-9772      (Spokane only)       

Katie Stark, the Missional Expeditor for the Presbytery and Commissioned Ruling Elder is available for pulpit supply. She can be reached at 509-979-9461.

Approved Elders:

Lydia Angle                               (208) 843-5122 (Kamiah)
Tom Tiffany                              (509) 448-2348 (Spokane)
Sun Myung Lee                        (509) 326-5174 (Spokane)
Gwynn Maryott                        (208) 704-4624 (Hayden Lake)
Jack Schut                                  (541) 786-4625 (Spokane)

Ruling Elder Certified Ready to Receive a Commission:

Daniel Koehler                         (208) 930-0712 (CDA)

Also Approved:

Patrick Striker                          (509) 290-5623